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Micron was a client I worked on from 2017 to 2018. In March 2018, I realized that I couldn’t keep adding stuff to my rickity codebase. I attempted numerous rewrites, but I couldn’t get any to the point I had the old Micron at.

Here is the source code for the last verstion of Micron made available to beta testers:

And the API I used to get user searching working:

I cleaned up some files, as at one point the main Micron dev directory was a random dumping ground. I also removed the icon. I put the code in the Public Domain, and I’m not sure if the icon designer would want to put the icon there aswell.

The most useful part will probably be the python search code, as I don’t think has a user search JSON api yet.

Have fun with the code! (If you can.) I will warn you, even I don’t understand the code anymore.

A sincere thanks to all that used Micron and supported me with your kind words at the time.

Off to new things!