• I love when I go out of bounds in where a frame buffer is. The glitchy results are always fun.

  • The best part of the Mac is the native apps. Windows is much more reliant on the web for most tasks. If there’s a native app, it’s probably crap or cross-platform on Windows.

  • UserLand Frontier in Windows 10 (cc: @brentsimmons) The version I got was from a somewhat corrupted zip file off the WayBack machine.

  • One of my dad’s laptops from ~2007 has a built in modem!

  • I’m on a college trip to tour Virginia Tech! Let’s see how this goes!

  • I’m trying to write a C base for the program I’m working on that will work alongside Objective-C code. It’s hard to do much of anything in C without feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel, but as a triangle.

  • I’ve heard that it’s best to keep a lithium ion battery at slightly less than 100% capacity. My Thinkpad T480 has a feature where you can set a percentage to start and stop charging.

  • After many hours I have given up on macOS. Hackintoshing is hard.

  • Some wipeboard ideas:


  • Is it brain dead to learn Objective-C now? I’ve been thinking about doing it.

  • Return from My Inevitable Abyss

    I’ve been absent from here for quite a long time. 11th grade has been a strenuous time, and I took some time to try and change who I am (surprisingly successful when you don’t know who you are). I haven’t programmed much in this time, and when I did it was mostly throwaway dabbles in C. I also stopped using macOS for a while. Even when I was developing Micron, I never had a genuine Macintosh. I have never had a Mac in my possession that ran a contemporary macOS version. I re-setup my hackintosh last night.

    When I did write apps, I always had a few problems. They mostly had to do with Async web requests and closures. Since SwiftUI is a thing, I guess there’s no better time to face my fears.

    I have some ideas (none of which involve bringing Micron back, sorry!).

    I guess I’m here again?

  • The community here is really nice.

  • This is cool.

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