Trump sends strange emails

Sometime during the 2016 election I signed up for Trump's mailing list. I thought it would be interesting to see what they were sending out. I was doing this under the assumption that he would loose, and the emails would end in November.

Boy was I wrong.

Sometimes they were pretty weird, like this one, promoting a sticker.

Or this one, selling "Inauguration Pint Glass Sets":

The most dubious of all were the ones asking for money. It is quite strange to me that an elected president would need money. This one seems to be the worst, as it is written in a needy tone.

Some of them use trumpian capitalization.

At the bottom of every email, beyond a heaping portion of white-space there is this footer.

When you click on "Update Profile", you go to this gem of Web 1.0.

Bellow is a collection some Trump emails.

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